Three out of five people do not have predetermined questions. I can tailor your reading to you and assist you with everything from psychic mediumship, spiritual guidance, past life regressions, numerology and more.

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Through hypnosis you can accomplish your goals, boost your self-esteem, lose weight, become more assertive, reduce stress, stop smoking, learn faster, improve your life, help manage PTSD, overcome your fears and phobias.

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I can assist you on your path to personal spiritual development, to develop higher awareness as well as to develop your higher consciousness.

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Since 1993

Improve Your Life

Whether you need help connecting with a loved one who has crossed over, wanting to know why you are here or need assistance with your spiritual journey, I can help you.

Through hypnosis I offer the following assistance:

  • Weight loss, stress management and stop smoking
  • Learning acceleration - Speed up how you learn and grow
  • Self-discipline - Improve your life
  • Self-esteem enhancement - Lift the weight off your shoulders
  • Assertiveness techniques - Focus your efforts
  • Goal accomplishment
  • Discovery of past life talents & abilities
  • Fear & phobia elimination
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Happiness & Fulfillment

"Together we'll work to get you the answers you need and get you on the path to enjoying warmth and fulfillment in life."