My Early Years - Life began in Philadelphia where I spent my primary years. At the age of 11 we moved to western PA where I attended Clearfield high school. I was a normal American kid, a good student and athlete, but also loved joking and pranking with my friends. My father was an Optician and my uncle worked for the late Dick Clark on the famous 'American Bandstand’ where I was blessed to meet such acts as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Paul Anka, Connie Francis, The Everly Brothers, Frankie Avalon and so many more.

From a young age I saw auras and dreamt of past lives but when I would try to talk about it no one seemed to understand. At the age of five my mother overheard me talking with someone in the room, though no one was visibly present. She asked me ‘Who are you speaking to” and I told her “It’s a spirit who’s visiting with me, several do...” She told me, ‘There were no such things as ghosts" and during the rest of my childhood I never saw another spirit again.

Later on I attended Erie Community College in Buffalo, NY and then transferred to the University of Buffalo in Upstate NY where I studied Ophthalmic Dispensing as well as Business. I was a gymnastic coach and NCAA judge for College Division 1 and judge for Junior Olympics, which I enjoyed for many years. I also hold a black belt in Martial Arts.

My Spiritual Journey – There was a grave yard in New Haven, CT in which I studied because it was quiet and peaceful. Fast forward to the summer of 1978, I was studying for a gymnastics exam and had a spiritual contact. Suddenly the most calming feeling of peacefulness washed over my entire body and the same abilities I had as a child came rushing back. I then set out to hone and further my psychic abilities.