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May include but are not limited to: contacting a loved one or friend who has passed, finding happiness and love, understanding your fears, helping to answer any questions you may have, regarding physical health of you or a loved one, discovering why you are here and what your purpose in life is, understanding a recurring dream, helping with any difficulties or hurdles you may be experiencing, and so much more.

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Hypnosis has been around for millennia and you can accomplish nearly anything. Stop smoking, weight loss, improve new and existing skills, excel at your job, be more focused, improve your grades, learn faster, become healthier, be more positive, reach your goals, explore past lives and see how they are affecting this life, meet your Spirit Guide and more - The possibilities are endless!

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Each and every one of us is deserving of a life filled with happiness, inner peace and joy. Let me assist you on your journey to become more empowered, to deal with life's obstacles and difficulties. Let me support you in making the choices that lead to a more positive and fulfilling life as well as to help you see your strengths. It's never too late to start. Together we can improve your life.

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Custom tailored to you

All Readings, Hypnosis sessions and help with your Spiritual Journey are custom tailored to you based on your needs.

Pricing & Services

All sessions are strictly confidential. Sessions can be recorded upon request via CD. We do not keep recordings on file. All prices are in US Dollars.


PayPal Payments- Please send payments to gspectacle@stny.rr.com


Readings In Person

  • 15 minutes - $40
  • 30 Minutes - $70
  • 60 Minutes - $120  (CD of session is included)

Readings By Phone

  • 30 Minutes - $80
  • 60 Minutes - $140

Entity Interference & Removal

  • 2 hours - $400
  • The vast majority of people with an entity attachment are unaware of its presence. Those with an attachment may experience negative thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, and other undesirable emotional responses. People may have irrational bouts of fear, anger, sadness, depression or thoughts of suicide and may experience physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. Addictive  behaviors such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or gambling problems are also classic symptoms.

Past Life Regression - $200 - Explore past lives and see how they may be affecting you in this life. Also discover who may be with you now that was with you then. Includes interview & hypnosis session.


  • 60 Minutes - $135
  • Stress - How to better manage and deal with it
  • Learning acceleration - Speed up how you learn and grow
  • Self-discipline - Improve your life
  • Self-esteem issues - lift the weight off your shoulders
  • Becoming more assertive - Focus your efforts
  • Accomplishing your goals – You set them and you meet them
  • Past Life Skills – Discover and be able to use all your past life skills now
  • Overcoming fears & phobias – No more living in fear
  • PTSD - Helping to manage and lessen the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Weight Loss - 3 Sessions are required - Includes interview, hypnosis session and CD specifically tailored for you.

  • 1st Session - $135
  • 2nd Session - $85
  • 3rd Session - $85

Stop Smoking Now! (1) Hour Session

  • 60 minutes - $135
  • Additional session(s) may or may not be required

Residential & Business Investigation

  • 2 hours - $350
  • Help resolve paranormal activity and hauntings where you live or work.

Psychic Party - Dick comes to you

  • OPTION #1
  • Fun for family gatherings, friends getting together and work related parties.
  • 60-75 Minutes - $500
  • Everyone gathers in the same room
  • Dick goes around the room and shares his impressions with everyone
  • OPTION #2
  • Readings are one-on-one in private
  • $50 per person
  • Dick performs 15 minute readings per person
  • Minimum of 10 people and up to 20 people maximum


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Not sure how a session works or what to expect?

Not a problem at all. These are questions and concerns everyone has. As such we have compiled a comprehensive 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ's) page which answers many of the commonly asked questions people have. It also explains the differences between psychics and mediums. It will help you to be better prepared and know what to expect so you can get the most out of your session with Dick.

All sessions are friendly, warm and exciting so book your Session now and start improving your life! -- See below