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Barbara Mc - A shout out and lots of gratitude is overdue for my dear friend, Dick Buchanan! He has helped me in numerous ways since about 2007. Never more than the last year have I appreciated his coaching, insight, and hypnosis skills. I was ready, and he has been an amazing help in showing me how to release my fears. He is a wealth of knowledge and a talented soul. Thank you, Dick!

JW - I have known Dick Buchanan for over 12 years now. His readings and assistance in spiritual matters is outstanding. More recently, he has introduced me to Trace Davis. The two of them have helped me understand the universe in more depth then I have ever realized! The education and resources that Dick has provided me has been amazing. With the assistance of Trace, between them both , I have become more aware of my spirituality and potential in this world. Their assistance in helping me realize things around me has been wonderful. I am looking forward to meeting with them more.

AO - "My peep! Love this guy! A true friend! Call & make an appointment or get a gift certificate for your loved one for the holidays! Very reasonable rates. Gives you a CD of your session! Readings and your 'numbers' are so accurate! If you don't want a certificate then book a small group session ... your friends will love you! Happy New Year 2019

TD - "I had never sought the help of a psychic or medium before. My wife had passed from a month long stay in a specialty intensive care unit and 3 days later I decided I wanted to see a psychic medium. I did a google search and settled on Dick Buchanan. I phoned and was able to see him the following day for a reading.

In my first session he was able to communicate with my late wife and there were at least 9 different things he relayed that only my wife and I could have possibly known. This was more than enough validation for any skeptic. Dick was extremely helpful and I can’t possibly thank him enough. Since then I have gone back for Past Life regressions as well as Higher Self sessions and Spiritual Guidance.

If you find yourself reading this testimonial I would highly recommend reaching out to Dick. In a world where there are many fakes, Dick Buchanan is the real deal. I say this now having seen several psychics and mediums over 1.5 years. Dick has been correct every time. His spiritual wisdom and guidance are among the best I’ve experienced. I continue to see other psychics as time allows but I cannot recommend Dick enough. Thank you Dick for all you’ve done & for being you."

Julie - "Dick's are top of the line and always on target. Not once, but twice Dick has predicted my job changes right down to the month among other things. He is not only a great reader, he's honest and an all around great guy. I definitely recommend taking the time to make an appointment and experience for yourself".

LR - "I first met Dick at a reading party many years ago. It was short due to it being a party, but he was pretty right on. I have since had several readings, going back as far as 2001. Dick has helped me with so many things. I have always left feeling strong and confident and happy. I have learned that loved ones on the other side can come to you in dreams, send you messages in dreams and even bring you a loved one. I now understand why we are drawn to certain people in this lifetime. My mother also had a reading with Dick and absolutely loved it. I would recommend Dick in a heart beat and will most definitely be going back."

Jane A - "Dick has provided me with clarity and insight regarding many different situations. He has been able to cut through the noise and get directly to the heart of the matter. He has helped me transition to a better place and see more clearly reality, not drama. Dick is a dear soul. He has always made himself available for a quick consultation."

Anon - "Thank you for your right on reading. I had a hard time accepting it, but it turned out to be true. You told me marriage was bad. It turns out that my husband had a 10+ year second life. He had been seeing a transvestite, taking hormones, charging up my credit cards from hormones from another country and not prescribed, putting out bullets to kill me, going to crush muscles relaxers in my cereal, the list goes on and on. It is many emails that I came across this year. I had no idea any of this was going on. I have been told to write a book and it would be a best seller. He fooled everyone including his doctor. If you know anyone who wants to make money on a book let me know. The lies are so bad. I even have pictures of him in my dress, in my house, on my birthday while I was away. The hurtful things I came across were unbelievable. You were right about the marriage. Other psychics thought it was great marriage."

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